George “Urban Jibaro” Torres

How to be the Best “You”

“Victor is more than an acting coach, he is almost a life coach. He guides you thru a process to explore acting that overflows into other areas of your life. You walk away a better actor but if you pay attention and apply some of the thought processes… you also become a better person. He requires the best of your intention to get started. He requires your best work ethic to stay focused. He takes that and shows you how to be the best “you” on stage or camera. He is like the Puerto Rican Mr. Miyagi but for actors. He really knows how to cultivate community when doing project work.”

– George “Urban Jibaro” Torres
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Natalie Velazquez

You Empower Us

“I have really enjoyed your class and the good people that I’ve met through it. You have a teaching style that has been freeing for me. It’s helped me to get a little closer to my own voice and I suppose that one cannot act if one does not understand the depth of their own emotions; so I have to thank you for the opportunity to do so, the opportunity to get closer to myself. I think you try to empower us to find our voice and to believe in the reality of who we are, the one that we dismiss and therefore cannot see. This is important in the actors journey and in the journey of life. Thank you for recognizing this and sharing this gift with us.”

– Natalie Velazquez
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Karina Lopez

Not Just Any Acting Course

“Victor’s class allows you to be yourself to your fullest potential. Not only does Victor teach you the many aspects that come along with acting such as writing, memorization and improv, he teaches you self-reflection, self-healing and self-discovery. This is not just any acting course but a community of various artists coming together to share their truths and experiences. In his course, I was able to examine myself from my roots (inner-being, my voice) to my fruits (what I produce, my exterior).”

– Karina Lopez
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