Gavel Phoenix

The Catalyst For Me

Victor Cruz’ acting classes are truly a gift to any actor or anyone who has a desire to act- or simply wants to overcome shyness. He has this innate and suave ability to bring you to your “core- self”; the authentic you. And, that is what acting is all about- being authentic at the moment. Through his distinctive style, Victor has been the catalyst for me to witness just how cathartic acting and practicing law truly is. I love it!

– Gavel Phoenix
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Rissa Davis

Love His Direction

“Victor Cruz is so amazing !! He made me feel so comfortable training and self taping my audition. He is so patient and will not stop until he gets it perfect. I Love his direction and input.”

– Rissa Davis
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Jason Ram Bellido

Get Up

“Victor Cruz is able to create a safe environment that allows his students to fall on their faces and to guide them right back up.”

– Jason Ram Bellido
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