Who Is Victor Cruz

To the world, I began my career as an actor in 2003, when I booked my first TV Show, The Sopranos on HBO. Before this, I had been acting since the 90s, performing in plays, independent projects and attending the acting conservatory at SUNY Purchase College. I’ve had the opportunity to be in some amazing projects and have worked with some really great directors like Spike Lee and Tony Scott. During the quiet times as an actor, I discovered that I was a pretty good writer and started producing my own projects. This was the beginning of my independence.

It wasn’t till I met an amazing spiritual teacher by the name of Guru Enlightenment, who encouraged me to look at myself in the mirror and ask myself “Who am I?” that things started to change in my life for the better.

Such a simple question, but not one that we commonly practice this in our lives today. She taught me to truly love myself, be grateful and humble for the opportunities that were coming my way and to not waste time or energy on foolish things. My inner strength began and continues to grow today. It was when I began learning these lessons, that I started approaching the acting work from a place of real confidence (not ego and pride) and empowerment. A place filled with clarity and strength. So when I decided to begin teaching, I applied all of these amazing lessons that I had acquired over time and added them to my approach with students.

We do a lot of mirror work in class and from that we create original material that we use to learn technique. It has, and continues to have a major effect on the lives of students who enter the doors of the Victor Cruz Acting Studio. A warm, encouraging and supportive environment for you to fall on your face and get up with strength.

These lessons that I have learned have also been the strong foundation for me when it comes to producing my own independent work. You see, when the phones don’t ring as often, there is no reason to ever wait for the opportunities. You have so many tools available to you, that for an affordable fee, and sometimes for free, you can produce your own project that can showcase you at your very best.

Never let anyone tell you, that your writing has to be “professional” or “published” for it to have value or for you use that material to film yourself and begin producing your own content. In 2014, I produced, starred and directed in my very own feature film under my production company Victor Cruz Entertainment LLC entitled The Stockroom.

You can check out some of the stuff I’ve done by clicking the link below:

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