Self Tape

Self-Taping has become one of today’s norms when auditioning for projects being produced around the world. You can easily do a self-tape with your smartphone and have a friend read lines with you off camera. But if you’re looking for a quality tape, with great lighting and a coach that will help bring out the very best in you, then this is the place for you.

Self-Tape Includes

The Victor Cruz Acting Studio provides the following items to make your experience easy, affordable and professional:

  • 3-Point Lighting Setup
  • Gray Background
  • VidPro XM-55 Shotgun Mic for excellent clean sound
  • Canon Rebel SL1 for excellent picture
  • MP4 Video File created of your auditions (No more than 500 MB – Industry standard) with titles, transitions and scene numbers.
  • Self-Tapes are emailed via WeTransfer within 1 – 2 hours from actual self-tape.
self tape nyc session victor cruz studio

Book A Self Taping Session

Offering 30 minutes sessions or packages of multiple 30 minute sessions. See below for more details to reserve your next Self Taping sessions with our studio.

30 Minute Session

Self-Taping Session 30 minutes $30.00

60 Minute Session

Self-Taping Session 60 minutes $60.00

90 Minute Session

Self-Taping Service 90 minutes $90.00

Self-Tape Session Packages

Four 30 Minute Sessions

4 Half-Hour Sessions $108.00 (Valued $120)

Six 30 Minute Sessions

6 Half-Hour Sessions $162.00

Ten 30 Minute Sessions

10 Half-Hour Sessions $270.00


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