Private Acting Coach

This is a great option for actors who cannot commit to an ongoing class, want a more personal and intimate setting to develop their skills as an actor or have an audition coming up and need guidance to prepare for it. Sessions available over Skype as well.

5 Reasons To Hire A Private Coach

Private Coaching In 5 Simple Steps

  1. We will meet one on one.
  2. You will present what you would like to work on. Can be an audition, an original piece, a piece of poetry, you decided, the time belongs to you.
  3. Together we will break down the scene and/ or monologue. We will quickly establish who you are and what you are looking to accomplish in the scene.
  4. We will encourage you to come up with a series of options to attain your goal and execute the scene.
  5. We will work on the scene together until all of the work we have done previously seeps into your body organically. At that point you will be filled with the confidence that you will need to enter the audition room and leave a powerful impression.

Private Acting Coach Pricing

Private Coaching
One Session

$75.00 per hour

Private Coaching
4 Session Package

$270.00 (Valued at $300)

Private Coaching
6 Session Package

$405.00 (Valued at $450)

Private Coaching
10 Sessions Package

$675.00 (Valued at $750)


Flexible Call To Schedule
In-Person or via Skype