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I love when I get a chance to travel to another state to work as an actor. I’ve traveled out to places like Los Angeles, Arizona, Miami, Baltimore, and Chicago. It’s really cool cause sometimes you visit places you’ve never been to before and it’s a really nice break from the normal rhythm of wherever you might live. When you arrive at the hotel or house that you might be staying while you film, it’s a great time to rest, clear your head, and rejuvenate for when you’re done with the job and have to head back home. So when you do return, you’re ready, with energy for the next audition or project.

I remember the first time I visited Miami. I was cast in a Budweiser commercial for the Spanish market.I ended up working with someone who I knew from New York, and so the vibe was really cool. I got a chance to enjoy Cuban coffee for the first time. And though my heart definitely skipped a beat the moment that coffee hit my system, it was truly one of the best cups I had ever had, of course, aside from my mother and Godmother’s coffee back in NYC. Which gives you a good kick to start your day.

The flan was amazing too. The quality and the texture of the flan was something I had never experienced before. By now, you the reader have shifted from acting talk to food talk and I’ve probably made you really hungry. I know I am.

Victor Cruz

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