Intermediate Acting Classes

Our intermediate acting classes offer a great continuation from our Beginner Acting Class. In this course, we will dive heavily into scene work. Students will be encouraged to write and create original scenes for class. At the end of this course, students will experience a mock on-camera audition and present the work that they’ve created in class during a showcase for family and friends. This class is not only extremely helpful when it comes to learning how to take clear action, breakdown a scene, create a character, audition, but a great environment for building confidence and strengthening one’s voice.

We encourage our students to be fearless. Acting is all about confidence. When the walls of insecurity come down, the students allow room for creativity and the transformation into different characters for the stage, film and TV. At the end of our 8-week course, students will participate in a showcase where they will have the opportunity to share what they have learned in class.

Our Philosophy at the Victor Cruz Acting Studio is to encourage students to be fearless and to be the very best within themselves. Our environments are warm and positive and do not believe in instilling fear to get the best results. Instead, we share the tools necessary to excel in the craft of acting with clarity and confidence.

8 Week Intermediate Acting Course

Our curriculum for our 8-week course covers building confidence, writing original scenes, performing them and learning how to audition for TV, Film, and Commercials. At the end of the 8-week course, students will participate in a showcase where they have the opportunity to share original works from class.

  • Weeks 1 – 2

LEARN TO CREATE YOUR OWN SCENE. Students will learn how to write a scene and then will be given prompts to create their first original scene for class. During the first two classes, students will be partnered up and will perform the original scene in class. They will explore who they are as characters, their relationship with each other, and dealing with given circumstance. At the end of week 2, a new prompt will be given to students, and just like before, students will create a brand new original scene.

  • Weeks 3 – 4

SCENE WORK CONTINUES. Students will begin working on original Scene #2. During weeks 3 and 4, students will continue to be aware of their relationship with the other person, but this time adding in the realities of their environment and exploring independent activities as they set out to solve or deal with the current given circumstance.

  • Week 5

LEARN HOW TO AUDITION FOR TV, FILM, & COMMERCIALS. Students will be presented with scenes and commercial copy that they will use for mock on-camera auditions during class. Students will learn how to audition and leave long-lasting impressions with casting directors.

  • Weeks 6

THE BUSINESS OF ACTING/REVIEW OF SHOWCASE MATERIALS. Students will be visited by someone from the industry who will share their story and take them through the business of acting. This visit will include a Q&A for students. The second half of this class will be dedicated to reviewing all scene work and monologues created during the Beginner Acting Class for potential material for our showcase.

Weeks 7 – 8

REHEARSALS & SHOWCASE. During this presentation, students will present original works that they created in class. In the process, they will learn what it’s like to prepare for a showcase and acquire great habits during the rehearsal process.

Who are these acting lessons for?

Our intermediate acting lessons are for students coming from all walks of life, those looking to gain insight into what it takes to break into the industry and looking to work on building confidence, strengthening their voice, and presenting ideas with power and clarity.

Student who have taken our intermediate lessons are:

  • Students from our beginner class
  • Aspiring actors
  • Actors looking to refresh their skills
  • Business Executives & Leaders
  • Adults from ages 18 – 70
  • Public speakers

Expected Outcome:

Students will have a clear idea of what is required of them and how they need to prepare when it comes to auditioning for TV, Film and Commercials.

Student Benefits:

All students will have access to online resources during and after completing the course which will serve to help guide them through the acting industry. The student showcase will also be available online for review and to share with their own networks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Want to find out more? See our acting classes frequently asked questions for more information.

Upcoming Acting Classes:

All our beginner acting classes in New York City are consecutive 8 Week Sessions. See below for more details on the price, dates, and times of each session. All classes are held in Manhattan.

Intermediate Acting Classes

Register today for our Winter 2020 classes:

8 Weeks

January 9, 2020 – February 27, 2020


7:00pm – 9:00pm


325 West 38th Street
Suite 606
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About the instructor

Victor Cruz has been instructing and coaching actors since October 2011. As a professional actor, some of his TV and Film Credits Include: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Blue Bloods, Law & Order, The Other Woman, Annie, and Gotham. Victor teaches because he truly loves actors and their process. Beyond that, he loves people, and loves to see them blossom into the very best within themselves. Whether their journey is to be an actor, an attorney, an accountant, or a small business owner in the local community looking to strengthen their voice and presentation, Victor is available to assist and encourage that individual fulfill their goals.

Victor is currently teaching his acting classes, Tuesday nights, in New York City at the following address : 325 West 38th Street, Suite 606 NY, NY 10018

The Private Coaching service is flexible and can be conducted at numerous acting studios in the midtown area. For more on the instructor.

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