Indian Classical Dance Workshop

Participants will explore a glimpse into the elements, technique, and expressive vocabulary of Odissi, one of India’s neo-classical dances. The form is known for its percussive footwork paired with curving movements and sculpturesque poses. Through excerpts from pure dance choreographies (Pallavi) and variations on walking and traveling, they will refine movement, transitions and develop a stronger awareness of framing and placement within the Odissi aesthetic. Anindita Nanda, one of the most accomplished Odissi dancers in the world will also touch upon history and cultural context.

No experience required and all levels are welcomed.

What is Odissi?

Odissi is an Indian classical dance form originating from the state of Odisha, in India and dates back to the 2nd century in its origin and antiquity. It is an ancient, breathtakingly beautiful form of sacred dance, which was originally performed in temples as a worship ritual. Highly stylized in nature, it utilizes powerful, energetic footwork with graceful postures and movements to create an illusion of sculpture coming to life. Handed down from teacher to disciple for thousands of years, Odissi emphasizes, and in fact, centers around spirituality and devotion. The practice of this dance form rejuvenates the body, refreshes the mind and creates a positive energy.

classical indian dance workshop

Exploring Indian Classical Dance

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November 7th


11:30 AM


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About the instructor

Anindita Anu Nanda is an exponent of Odissi and intensively trained under the lineage of the legendary Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, in India. She has a Masters in Indian Classical Dance and Vocal Music and is the recipient of several titles in India like NrityaShree, Nritya Siromani, high honors for dancers in India. For over 15 years she has been working to promote the dance through concerts, workshops, and lecture-demonstrations.

A much sought-after touring artist, Anindita is regularly presented by embassies, museums, universities, libraries, schools and cultural institutions across the United States, Europe, and India. She is the founder and director of SoorTaal, an organization that was created for the promotion and preservation of Odissi.

Anindita is also on the board of the World Heritage Cultural Center (WHCC) and continues to contribute through her work in preserving and promoting world cultures. She continues her work in establishing Odissi in the US and abroad.

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