Discover Your Value

So many times, we as actors go out into the world and we walk into these rooms for auditions and completely forget what we’re worth. The truth is, that the casting directors behind the cameras and tables in the room are not at war with us. Instead, they’re hoping and praying that you’re the one that they’ve been looking for. But what happens to us, is that we plan, we work on our auditions, we’re prepared and then we walk in, we see the casting director and immediately we can get in to a head space that whatever we’ve prepared, is not good enough.So we switch things up. How unfortunate. Unfortunate that we sell ourselves short and devalue our choices because we’re afraid.

Fear should not control you. Past traumas should not control you. You should be in control. How do we do that? Look at yourself in the mirror and begin to see yourself for who and what you are. Accept yourself. Love yourself (truly). Be grateful for all of your blessings. Because the blessings are gifts sprinkled throughout our journeys. You have to know, that there is no one else like you in this world. There is only one version of you. And if that is true, then what you truly have to offer, has not been seen before in that casting room. So walk in their with confidence. Honor yourself by doing in that room what you planned and do it fearlessly.

Because the truth is, this is your moment. Your slot. Don’t give it away to fear. Fear is the unknown. Embrace it and empower yourself.

– Victor Cruz

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