When the phone doesn’t ring as often, what do you do? Do you sit around and wait longer or do you take control of the situation.

I got my first professional job in 2003. It was for an episode of The Sopranos on HBO. After, eight months went by and nothing. Not even the sound of crickets. I remember sitting by the window and searching for a star to wish upon through the New York City polluted sky. I think I found one or was it a plane flying by in the distance at thirty-five thousand feet. Who knows? All I know, is that when things got quiet, I started writing.

And during that time of my writing, I discovered that I was pretty good. Then I produced my first short and my best friend directed the episode. And then, there was another project, and then
another and so on and so on.

Today, I own my own production company. When the phone doesn’t ring as often, do you just start complaining, feeling sorry for yourself, or do you look at what you do have, and start making some moves?

The choice is yours. Take advantage of every moment. You’ll be very surprise as to what you discover in the process.

– Victor Cruz

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