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Our classes are typically held on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 7-9pm

Acting Class FAQ’s

Our acting class FAQ ( frequently asked questions ) page covers a range of questions we often receive from our prospective, current and alumni acting class students. If you are new to acting or searching for a class in Manhattan, we hope this guide helps you better understanding our services.

Getting Started

I have never taken an acting class before, where should I begin?

Find an acting class that has a positive, warm, and encouraging environment in which you can fall on your face and get up feeling empowered. Make sure that the instructor loves teaching and is looking to carve out a specific approach to your development though you’re in a classroom setting.

Where do I start?

Have you taken classes? Find a place where you can learn technique and a great deal about yourself. Do you have a headshot? If not, find a photographer who does good work, but doesn’t charge a great deal and take pictures with them. Do you have a resume? If you look online, you’ll find tons of samples when it comes to actors resumes that you can use as a template. Then, start submitting yourself to agents, managers, casting directors, theater companies, community theater and websites like casting networks and actors access.

Am I too old to get into acting now?

Absolutely not. If this is a dream that you have always had, then honor yourself by taking that step and making things happen. The beauty about this business is that there are roles for everyone. So you’ll be just fine.

What acting technique do you teach?

Our technique at the Victor Cruz Acting Studio is based on lessons that I have learned along the way as a working actor and as a student of Spiritual Teacher Guru Enlightenment.

Those lessons include: How to approach monologues and scenes, how to audition for TV, Film and Commercials, How To Connect With Who You Truly Are, Strengthening The Actors Voice and Building Confidence. We encourage actors to feel empowered so that they may work from a place of fearlessness. Our approach is unique because students create original material from monologues to scene work and that becomes the material that we use in class.

So while a student is learning technique, they’re also learning a great deal about themselves.

Do you teach or practice the Alexander Method?

At this moment we do not offer it, but we look forward to adding additional programs to our current studio in the near future.

Do you offer improv classes in NYC?

In the near future, yes. Check in with us from time to time, to see how are program has continued to expand.

Do you offer speech class?

In the near future, yes. Check in with us from time to time, to see how are program has continued to expand.

Where can I find the best acting classes and best acting schools in New York City?

There are a great deal of acting programs, acting schools, acting studios, acting classes for adults & children, and acting workshops located throughout NYC. My advice to you is to visit a handful of these institutions, experience the acting lessons that they have to offer, and see which acting school is best for YOU.

At the Victor Cruz Acting Studio, we encourage you to audit one of our classes and see for yourself, if it’s right home for you to develop your craft.

I’m new to acting and fairly new to NYC, are your beginner classes the best way to go?

Yes. Start at the beginning. Learn the basics and build your confidence. Get a sense of what it takes to be an actor. We encourage you to audit one of our beginner classes and see for yourself.

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Getting An Agent

How can I get an agent or a manager?

There is no exact formula here, but getting representation is not impossible. It may just take a little patience on your end. There are many ways in which you can attempt to get representation. There are books and listings of all agents and managers that can be found.

One place that I know for certain carries these listings and books is the Drama Book Shop in New York City. if you’re out of town, the Drama Book Shop has a website in which you can order the books online and have them delivered directly to you. Get the listings and submit your headshot and resume to all representation that represents actors in your age range and so on. For example, some agents or managers only represent children, so be on the lookout for those little details.

Other ways to lock in representation is through showcases and referrals from friends and associates in the industry.

How much do you pay an agent? What do they charge?

The agent collects a 10% commission on all jobs that you book through their office.

Manager Vs. Agent

People ask this question all the time, “What is the difference between and agent and manager?” I would say, it all depends on the relationship.

In the beginning, you might begin working with either an agent or a manager, they both can be great. Sometimes, your manager is the person that introduces you to your agent. Then, with both manager and agent, you have a powerful team behind you. The difference between the two is that the agent and all agents only collect a 10% commission on all jobs, where the manager may collect a higher commission based on what is agreed upon at the top of your relationship.

A manager is someone that can spend a little more time helping you build yourself up as a successful actor, where the agent may not have as much time. But this isn’t the ultimate answer on this, because there are so many different types of relationships and approaches when it comes to how a manager or an agent can best represent YOU.

Other FAQ’s

How can I be a star?

Don’t waste your energy on the fame of it all. Don’t focus on the money that you can make. If this is something that calls you and it something that you truly want to do, focus on the work. When you focus on the work and on the process of working on yourself and building confidence, you will already be a star.

Allow things to happen the way they are supposed to and embrace the journey. Everyone has their own story. There is not just one way of succeed in this industry. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

Where can I find a good monologue?

You can always go to The Drama Book shop in Times Square in New York City or shop online on their website. They have a huge selection. But if you’re looking for the perfect monologue for you, write one. See what happens.

How do you know when you have found the teacher for you?

A great teacher, is a great detective. They work extremely hard to see where you hold back and they do everything in their power to show you where your power lies and how to bring it out.

How do I create acting resumes or an acting resume?

If you visit our Resource Page, you can download a FREE Professional Acting Resume Template as a Word File.

Still have more questions or ready to register contact us today!

We’re here to help let us know if you have any questions about our upcoming classes, what to expect or anything else.